G-Credit is the virtual currency of our GNS GameCenter (GGC). You may buy G-Credit at any LoadCentral reseller location and use it to play our games. G-Credit is a universal currency, which works for all our games. Below is a chart, which shows how much your G-Credits are worth in each game:

LoadCentral Product PayPal Product G-Credit Value Value in Social Games
GCREDIT10 9 G-Credits 9 G-Credits 2,500 game credits
GCREDIT25 22 G-Credits 22 G-Credits 8,000 game credits
GCREDIT49 45 G-Credits 45 G-Credits 30,000 game credits
GCREDIT230 200 G-Credits 200 G-Credits 150,000 game credits
GCREDIT450 400 G-Credits 400 G-Credits 600,000 game credits
N/A 600 G-Credits 600 G-Credits 800,000 game credits
GCREDIT1150 1,000 G-Credits 1,000 G-Credits 2M game credits
GCREDIT5650 5,000 G-Credits 5,000 G-Credits 15M game credits

G-Credits are the internal virtual currency of GNS GameCenter and have no cash value. G-Credits may be used to play all our social games, which We offer on the GNS GameCenter. G-Credits may not be exchanged for cash, coupons, checks, gift certificates or any other form of monetary value. G-Credits may not be transferred or sold to other players, or exchanged for real or other virtual currencies.

Transfer of Restricted G-Credits to any Social game will be added as playable social chips for use in that game, which can be used in the same way purchased social chips are used.


Head over to a Load Central Retailer and ask for "G-Credit" and purchase a PIN number.

Log in to the GGC using an email address associated with either of your Tongits game accounts, then click the G-Credit Menu button and choose Load G-Credit.

Input your PIN and Serial number from LoadCentral and G-Credits are added to your GGC account.

Then click the G-Credit menu button and choose Transfer G-Credit, and transfer your G-Credits to any game for playable virtual credits.